Rick Warren’s TEDtalk on the Keys to Success and Innovation

Rick Warren, author of the The Purpose Driven Life and pastor of the Saddle Back Church  offers up his formula for leadership.  Through his innovative leadership he is able to greatly expand health care in a developing nation.   

His 8 Keys to Innovation involve asking these important questions:

  1. Termination: What do I need to stop doing?
  2. Collaboration: How do we do it faster, larger, and cheaper with a team?
  3. Combination: What could we mix together/merge/blend to make something new by taking two existing things and putting them together?
  4. Elimination: What part could we take out to make it simpler?
  5. Reincarnation: What has died but we could bring it back to life in a new form? (Reform an old idea)
  6. Rejuvenation: How could we change the purpose or motivation for what we’re doing?  (It’s not about what you do it’s about how and why you do it.)
  7. Illumination: How can we look at this in a new light?
  8. Fascination: How could we make it more interesting, appealing, attractive?

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