Update on Guinea-Bissau Water Project 06-09-12

The Guinea-Bissau project is running into difficulties due to a recent coup beginning in May 2012 in that country.  This coup has essentially shut down the government and has brought the economy to a standstill.  There is no diesel for transportation or for water pumps.  Food is in critically short supply.  This makes it exceedingly difficult to travel to or within this country, and even harder to construct a factory for ceramic water filters. The coup wiped out the planned trip in May 2012, and it is now the rainy season and the roads are quagmires.

But during this pause in activity, this is a good time to give more background on this project.  This project is being undertaken by two PhD chemists from the Healdsburg Community Church (HCC) in Healdsburg, California.  HCC has a sister church in Guinea-Bissau, the Central Evangelical Church of Bissau.

HCC has already founded an orphanage and vocational school at its sister church in Bissau, and maintains a special fund for future mission there.  At present HCC is waiting to continue the development of the ceramic water filter factory and its related programs. The next trip to Guinea-Bissau is scheduled for December 2012.

Just as the fundamental forces of the Universe bind it all together, so the love of God binds us to our sisters and brothers in the global village.

HCC is a merged congregation belonging to both the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the United Methodist Church.

HCC supports a large group of missionaries around the world, some of whom cannot be named because they are carrying out precarious ministries in Islamic areas.  In June 2012 HCC sent twenty of its members to Costa Rica for a building project at a church related school.

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