Clean Water – The #1 Global Public Health Issue

Clean water is the most serious public health issue in the world.

  • Nearly one billion people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water.
  • A child dies every 15 seconds from a lack of clean water.
  • Two people every second die from contaminated water, poor sanitation and poor hygiene.  Clean water is needed for washing as well as drinking.
  • Twenty percent of those children who die before age five will di of water-borne diseases.
  • Children often walk miles every day to collect dirty water for their families to drink.  The time and energy required to fetch water keeps many children out of school.
  • Water related illness kills more people each year than wars or conflicts.
  • Nearly 80% of illness in developing countries is linked to poor water and sanitary conditions.

There are many excellent resources on this topic.

The Big Thirst by Charles Fishman gives a global perspective on the whole water issue.  (Fishman, Charles. The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water. New York: Free, 2011. Print.) digs wells in Africa and India.  creates factories in developing areas to produce ceramic water filters from clay and sawdust  impregnated  with colloidal silver.  Their geographic area is Central America. is an organization providing wells and clean water in sub-Saharan Africa. provided rain water catchment systems in Central America. works with ceramic water filters and also technologies for removing chemical pollutants.

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