Plant Based Whole Foods Diet

According to notable doctors, Caldwell Esselstyn, T. Colin Campbell, Mark Hyman, and Santa Rosa’s own John McDougall:

If everyone embraced a plant based whole foods diet:

  • The cost of medical care would fall by 70%. 
  • Life expectancy would increase dramatically.
  • Cardiovascular disease would utterly disappear.
  • Obesity and type 2 diabetes would become a rarity.
  • Cancer would be greatly reduced.
  • Arthritis in all of its forms, lupus, and all such related maladies would become a rarity.
  • Countless other human ailments, from sleep apnea to infertility, would either be lessened or eliminated all together.

Our nutritional needs:

  • We are being poisoned by our “Industrial Diet” and its resultant epic pandemic of “Diabesity.” Our industrial diet is dense in animal fats, empty calories, harmful chemicals and hormones, but low in nutritional value.
  • We can get all the protein that we need from a plant based diet.  Just ask any elephant, rhinoceros, bison or moose.
  • Cow’s milk is the perfect food — for baby cows.
  • Human breast milk is the perfect food for us in our first two years of life, with the introduction of solid foods after six months.

Saving the planet and its people:

  • Cows consume enough grain to feed nine billion people, more than the current human population of the earth.
  • Cows produce more greenhouse gasses than all global transportation.
  • Rainforests in the Amazon and other places are being cut down in order to raise cattle.
  • Cattle in feed lots are fed animal byproducts from meat processing plants, also chicken manure.  These practices assure the transmission of animal diseases between species and the contamination of our food supply.  For example, mad cow disease comes from eating brain and nerve tissue from infected animals.
  • Feedlot cattle are also fed steroids, growth hormones, and antibiotics.  The excessive use of antibiotics causes the rise of antibiotic resistant germs.

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