The Global Village is only twenty-four hours away

We are the Global Village

Everything in the world today is global.  We can fly to nearly any country on earth today in twenty-four hours or less.  Every issue that we can think of has global ramifications, such as:

  • Global warming
  • Natural disasters
  • Pollution
  • Hunger
  • Terrorism
  • Epidemics
  • Energy
  • Access to food and potable water
  • Refugees
  • Preservation of nature and wildlife
  • Organized crime
  • Human trafficking
  • Jobs and employment
  • Trade

We have truly become a global village.  One day we will have a world government, but that is a long time off.  First we need to overcome the inequalities between nations.  In the meantime we need to learn to think about the global impact of our decisions.


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